8 Ball Pool 3.0.1 APK Download for Android | PC, Lumia, XAP

The number 1 Pool Game of the world is 8 Ball Pool v3.0.1 for Android | PC. This game is developed by Miniclip. For android phone this is the number one Pool Game.

Believe me, at starting I was not so aware about this game, but one day I got this game and installed it on my phone. That day and today, I am badly addicted to this game.

The most fascinating thing about this game is it’s graphics and features like challenge your friends, practice offline, and enhance your skills and get a batch according to your performance “Amateur”, “Skilled”, “Semi-Pro” and so on. I have reached the “Skilled Mark”.

So if you are wondering here and there for a Pool Game for your android phone, iOS phone then now you have reached at the right place for this. You play and decide whether “8 Ball Pool” is worth playing or not.

You can login with “Facebook”, “Google+” or play as a guest. 8 Ball Pool has recently updated to new version that is “8 Ball Pool 3.0.1“. You can download this new version now.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Features and Gameplay

You have to login first, and this game needs Internet connection. You can play with millions of online users then. You will get 25 coins in every 1 hour. So don’t forget to collect these coins. Keep in mind that you need atleast 25 coins for playing 1 by 1 game. In this the prize money will be 50 coins.

There are several 1 by 1 games available that will be available according to your balance coins. You have to choose the best one according to your performance. You can also play tournament, in this the entry fees is 200 coins and you have to play 3 matches for winning this tournament and the prize is 1000 coins.

While playing with someone, you can add them as your friend also. So that you can play with them again later.

Download 8 Ball Pool 3.0.1 APK :

There are lesser games which you can play with others also, so 8 Ball Pool  3.0.1 APK Download for Android | PC, Lumia, XAP is most popular now a days. You can download this game for your android device by the link given here Install Now. Hope you have successfully installed this app, share this article in Facebook or link here wiht us on 8 Ball Pool v3.0.1 for Android/PC.

CM Browser for PC | CM Browser APK Android Windows 7/8/XP

You can get here CM Browser for PC Windows 7/8/XP | Android , it is a new browser for android. This is used to Fraud prevention, CM Browser is used for secure browsing in android devices. It is a good alternative to UC Browser for PC. It prevents your android device from malicious contents.

The main three features that are listed on the Google Play Store are “This is speedy, as it provides fast browsing”, “Small Size, the size of this browser is 1.7 MB”, and “It provides safe browsing, it is known as no. 1 antivirus engine”.

If you want to use CM Browser on PC, then you must follow the tutorial given below, but before proceeding to the tutorial check out the CM Browser Features.

CM Browser for PC

CM Browser Features

After a long time we got a browser worth noticing. Yes, CM Browser has some nice features as it came up with antivirus integration. So check all the features of this nice Browser.

  • It uses preload mechanism for providing faster web browsing experience.
  • Before downloading any files or apk files this browser scans the file.
  • It stops you from loading malicious websites from your android devices.
  • It don’t track your settings.
  • There are gesture control feature for video playing.

Download CM Browser for PC

First of all you have to download “Bluestacks Oflline installer“, then install it on your computer. After this follow the steps given below.

  • Connect you computer with Internet Connection.
  • Open Bluestacks on your computer.
  • Search “CM Browser” on the search box.
  • You will get “CM Browser” listed there.
  • Click on the app, and install it.

If you don’t have internet connection then the above process will not work. You have to use alternate process then. Follow the steps given below.

  • Download CM Browser APK.
  • Open it with Bluestacks.
  • Wait for few seconds and you will get the CM Browser on PC Installed.

CM Browser for Android

You can download CM Browser for Android from the link CM Browser for Android from here only. Don’t forget to share CM Browser for PC | CM Browser APK Android Windows 7/8/XP with your friends and also in Facebook / Google Plus. We are here to solve your queries of CM Browser for PC  | Android.

Features of Snapchat including Trophies and Filters

I am positively utilizing Snapchat from last 15 times and am definitely addicted to the app now. You will love Snapchat Features including Trophies and Filters. Nearly 12 months back when I began utilizing Snapchat, there have been quite a few attributes and I need to remove it within few days.

This place will be to protect concealed characteristics of Snapchat that you might or might not understand & all aged, fresh. Joyful !! that is Snapchatting! You will love this features once you become addicted to. Until then you will just wonder that what is it and why it is on the application.

You will find all features listed below. Have a good read.

Features of Snapchat

List of All Snapchat Features

This list is divided into two parts. The first list is for a newbie who just started to use Snapchat Application. The Second list is for early birds who started using it in 2015

1. Profile Image
Account image that is Snapchat is a string of 5 selfies that Snapchat can become an animated account GIF. Swipe the Snapchat digicam farther down to the account display. You’ll notice the others can your Snapcode QR code that may be scanned by the others to include you as a buddy. Click on-camera and shoot 5 selfies that is fast. This is the profile image. Discuss it as much as possible on all of your additional sociable media users to get friends that are new.

2. Trophies
You earn a trophy on every important & maybe not-so-important accomplishment on Snapchat. Your trophy case can be accessed by you by then hitting trophy on account display and exploiting on white ghost on-camera display. There aren’t any suggestions on a trophy that is next may be revealed. It runs from delivering your first video snatch to reaching a specific rating.

3. Score that is Snapchat
There aren’t any clear maths to understand how the Snapchat rating is quantified. What I’ve seen is: It’s One Of the totals of Catches sent. of no. of Catches received No. of individuals who have added me Something close. My Score for Snapchat is: 199

Features of Snapchat Application for Pro users:

Now onwards you will read features which will be useful to Pro users of Snapchat Application.

4. Buddies
Buddies can be added by you on Snapchat both by deciphering their user name or through your buddy list. There is buddy emojis in the entrance of every buddy which informs you mo-Re about friends and family on Snapchat.
This can be a listing of buddy emojis

5. Lenses
Lenses that are Selfie are animated, stay and special FX when working with the top digicam that may be used to see your face. Keep your selfie for some time to let that person be recognized by Snapchat. There is going to be 1-5 contacts to choose from per evening, which will keep changing frequently. Proceed and test!

6. Filters
With the addition of a pleasure coating, you can Jazz up your Click. Swipe left to take a look at filters after pressing Simple. It’s possible for you to a-DD greater than one filter after choosing the colour filter by waiting on hold the display, and swipe left again by your free hands in order to add 2nd filter.

This can be among the most significant attributes for promotion on Snapchat and I am going to write mo-Re about it within my subsequent post.
Here, I’ve utilized one Geo plus one-colour filter

The narrative is a collection of Snapshots a buddy h-AS submitted with their narrative over last 2-4 hrs. Buddy narratives swipe left to the digicam display to notice your narratives, stay and find stations. You can even see who all have seen your narrative.

Harness to jump to next Snapshot in a tale, draw down to leave and Swipe left to jump a narrative.I hope you enjoyed read on All Snapchat Trophies Features.

Proceed forward roll up these trophies, add mo-Re buddies, use filters, and contacts and compose your own Narrative on Snapchat. You can send us your comment with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App

Retrica for PC and Android Download

When it comes to third party photography quality apps then Retrica for PC and Android beats all other options, available both at Android and iOS platform.

The app is developed by Venticake developer which is a well known and popular developer and known for its quality work most of the time. I’ll be sharing a guide here to help you get Retrica for PC download along with details about this app like what it does or what it meant to be.

Getting this app used to meet your expectations of photo editing is really awesome because of quality of results coming out after using it.

You’ll be addicted of using Retrica for taking each and every next picture but the only thing I didn’t liked about it is that it isn’t that fast on middle-end smartphones while low-end devices have no support for it.

To cope up with this trouble I found a solution i.e. using it on your computer for editing the pictures you had already taken and that’s why I wrote this guide for.


Retrica for PC Download Tutorial

To get this app on your computer you need to go through a guide that I had already covered. You need to install BlueStacks software which is available for free and genuine as well.

I had shared here every detail on how to install BlueStacks and how you can use it to install any Android app on your computer. So head over to it and help yourself.

In case if you still find any trouble then write it down in the discussion section down here and I’ll try to help you as soon as I can. Even if you wish to know anything about this app then ask me straightly.

Retrica for PC

About Retrica App:

This app is developed to serve a purpose of offering vintage filters to its users and it does that exceptionally well. You can find 80 different real-time vintage filters which can be used and their effects gets on to any picture almost instantly.

This is a very powerful app since you can add any vintage filter with simple touch and almost instantly. You can even use few other picture editing tools like camera blur, vignette, etc. There are endless possibilities of kind of changes you can bring in every image you’re editing using it.

You can select different borders and frames from within the store and help yourself further to bring uniqueness into every picture you’re editing. Users can easily create collages using 22 different layouts available within or you can even set your own custom layout.

This app is available for free but in every picture you edit or capture using it, there will it its watermark beneath. You can choose among different logos which will be watermarked but you can’t remove it with using its free version.

To get almost every vintage filter, effects and remove watermark from any image you need to buy the premium version of Retrica which is paid and totally worth. For me it’s a best photo editing app for smartphones and tablets.

The one and only best App Retrica which can be installed in PC as well as in Android Devices. We hope you liked this information. If you have and doubts or queries be free to share. You can send us your comment with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.

Hungry Shark Evolution for PC Download Free

Future Games of London developer had already published its game named Hungry Shark Evolution which is very popular among Android users and you can also play the same on your computer in case if your Android device isn’t compatible with it.

Games which had won Editor’s Choice badge on the Google play store are simply superb and if you wish to play only high quality game then this is one way to find such games easily on the Google play store for your compatible Android device.

Here I’ll be sharing a complete guide on how to download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC so that you can learn how you can play it on computer for free.

You can find this game on Google play store under Arcade category and believe me this game is going to offer an awesome and unique game playing experience which you haven’t had anywhere else till now.

I’ll first share the installation of this game right away with you and later share information about this game so that you can know what its all about.

Hungry Shark

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC

In order to begin with the installation of this game right on your computer and finish of this thing you need to follow the steps I already shared in a guide.

You need to take help of BlueStacks software which is available for free on its official website and also it’s a genuine software overall which is used by millions of users from all around the world.

To finish off things from your side, follow my guide on how to download BlueStacks for PC and how you can use it to install any Android game including Hungry Shark Evolution on PC.

I hope you’re heading towards the guide. I had shared complete detailed information over there so please help yourself. Till game installation gets completed you can go through about section mentioned down here to know what this game all about.

Download Hungry SharK

About Hungry Shark Evolution Game

The game is available for free to play while you can buy certain things to help yourself from the store in-built within. So initially it’s a free game and you can get most of the experience at no cost.

The graphics performance is ground breaking simply. You’re going to find it jaw dropping since developers had developed a real looking sea world which is going to provide you a feel that you’re right now beneath the water itself.

Sound effects and the overall animation around the game match together exactly and offer perfect sea life experience which you’re definitely going to get addicted with.

There are six different sharks in the game which you can explore one by one and as soon as you move forward shark will increase in size. Your main task is to make shark eat sea animals and different foods including human beings to keep her alive and search for hidden treasures beneath the sea. Good luck!

Harness to jump to next level of game, be prepared to experience the Hungry Shark Evolution for PC on bigger screen.I hope you enjoyed read on this post. You can send us your comment with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.

Best and Top Alternatives of BlueStacks App Player

When it comes to Android Emulator then people know only about BlueStacks but you can get many other Alternatives of Bluestack. This is the case with most of people but BlueStacks doesn’t support most of the computer configurations and those users are searching for its alternatives.

Also the earlier versions of BlueStacks were not good in design so people straightly started to search for its alternative. If you are also doing same then here I’m sharing a guide on best & top alternative of BlueStacks app player.


Best Alternative of BlueStacks app player

So you’re going to find all best alternative softwares right at single guide over here and I hope you don’t find any trouble. If you wish to know any other details about any software then do let me know and I’ll bring the help instantly.


The only disadvantage of this software is that it requires high system configuration so it doesn’t work on low-end CPU and even some middle-end ones. So if you’re having a high-end CPU then it’s definitely going to work on your computer.

It’s very simple to use because of extremely simple and elegant looking user interface. You’re not going to find any trouble using it once its installed and running well. It installs an Android tablet like user interface on computer and then using everything is just like using an Android tablet.

Also it installs latest Jelly Bean version of Android OS on your computer so you’re also using a latest version of Android right on your computer and that too stock version rather than any tweaked version.

The most important thing that it’s a genuine software which is available for free and you don’t need to pay anything to continue using any of its features. So it’s a software being worth checking out and if it runs successfully then you don’t need to look anywhere else.



This is a paid software which is available for free initially for starting week. So you can install and use it initially for free but then to continue using it you need to pay the price as mentioned over there official website.

It’s again a genuine software which millions of users are using and it offers great features which aren’t going to be found in any other software. It provides a two column user interface. First column lists apps and games installed within YouWave while second part is going to show apps and games running.

You can use mouse and keyboard to control things easily and you can either install apps and games via Google play store officially or also via their APK files which is easy to find over the web.



VirtualBox is a software developed by a known developer and so its genuine completely. You can use it to install any second operating system on your existing one without actually booting it up. The same can be done in case of Android as well.

You don’t need to do anything rather simply install VirtualBox and then download compatible Android version from its support webpage and then you’ll be able to run Android apps and games right away on your computer.


I hope you get enough information from this post having topic as Best and Top Alternatives of Bluestacks. You just have to try them once and feel the change in performance. Also you can share your views with us here, with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.

Top 3 Android Emulators and their Reviews

Running Android apps and games on PC is highly in demand, so these days users want Top Android Emulators to use same apps and games right on their computer, just like you.

Here I’m going to share a post about top 3 Android emulator reviews and how you can use them to continue installing and using apps and games easily.

So you are not only going to know about these softwares but also about their review so that you can come to know exactly how they work in real time.

best android emulators

Top 3 Android Emulator Reviews

First in the list is none other than BlueStacks while I’ll also enlist other two software along with their review. Since BlueStacks is best so I’ll start with that first.

BlueStacks review

It’s a free to use software completely which offers almost every feature which is needed by a user for playing Android apps and games right on their computer.

The user interface being offered by the latest version of BlueStacks is pretty awesome and its just like using an Android phone right on your computer. The version is slightly tweaked to get the job done on your computer but still its mostly the same stock Android experience.

Users can easily start searching for any app or game using Google play store and then instantly start using it on their computer. The best part is that users can login into their Google account within and complete synchronization feature can be experienced.

So you can get the data synchronized between BlueStacks and any other Android device you’re using. The software is completely genuine to use and you’re unlikely to find any trouble.


YouWave Review

This is another emulator available as an option in front of you but you can’t get it for free. You can get it for free for first starting week and then to continue using it you either need to install any hack thing or buy it from its official website.

It’s a very simple to use software that is going to make the job done easily. You only need to worry about getting it installed and then using it to use any Android app or game on computer is pretty easy. You won’t find any trouble.

There are two options to find and install any app or game within, first is via Google play store while second is via APK method. Both works like charm and as a user you won’t find any trouble.


Andy Emulator

Last but not the least, it installs an Android tablet like user interface on your computer so then users feel like they are using an Android tablet only rather than a tweaked software.

It runs Android Jelly Bean version on your computer and that too stock version. So you’re not going to find anything new to learn to get the task done at your end.

Its free to use and genuine as well. Only thing you need to worry is that its system requirements are very high. So there are equal chances of its working and not working at your end.


I hope you get enough information from this post having topic as Top 3 Android Emulator their Reviews. You just have to try them once and feel the change in performance. Also you can share your views with us here, with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.

Download Castle Clash for PC | Android Tutorial

IGG.COM presents a game on the Google Play Store named Castle Clash for PC | Android which millions of users are playing and soon you’ll also be playing it from your computer.

The game is there among Strategy category of the Google play store and you can find it for free although there are certain paid features within which you can opt to help you or skip as well. I’ll let you know the exact map to download Castle Clash for PC and then you’ll be able to do the installation of this game right on your computer.

Although playing it on Android device is good because it’s developed for touch screen devices but still you can love playing it on computer as well. I can bet that after playing it on compatible device of your choice you’re definitely going to recommend it to your friends.

Castle Clash

Download Castle Clash for PC Tutorial

In starting itself I’m sharing the guide with you that is going to work at your end for sure. You can begin the installation part and then until it gets completed go through the about section which will be followed by this.

To make sure you’re installing this game on your computer, you need to take help of an Android emulator like BlueStacks. I had shared already complete installation process of BlueStacks and how you can use it to install any Android game on your computer including Castle Clash. So head over to the guide and help yourself.

In case if you found any trouble during the game installation or game itself then let me know via comment part beneath this guide and I’ll try to bring solution as soon as I can.

Download Castle Clash for PC

About Castle Clash Game

As already mentioned in starting that it’s a strategy game which you’re going to love playing because it wraps up complete package which is worth and addictive and you’re going to play it for hours on daily basis.

You need to create your own kingdom in this game which will be your own empire and you’ll get lots of resources to fill it up. You need to work on three things.

First thing to work upon is to build up an empire using the resources you’re having and also make sure elements of it are updated to latest available version for you in the store. If your kingdom isn’t upgraded then you’re straightly leaving loop holes to be targeted with your enemies to bring your empire down any day.

Secondly you got lots of other resources like troops, arms and ammos. You need to use them according to a strategy, build up a strong army which can be used any time for the battle.

Third, you got lots of enemies whom you need to target and also safe from. You need to defeat them in battles and win their kingdom to earn their resources and help yourself building your own empire.

Graphics performance and sound effects are awesome and learning how to play is also very easy but getting perfectly master is going to take time. Good luck!

I hope you get enough information about how to Download Castle Clash for PC | Android Tutorial. You just have to try them once and feel the change in performance. Also you can share your views with us here, with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.

Boom Beach Game for PC Download Tutorial

Supercell, is of the Top Developer’s developed game on the Google play store and now its Boom Beach Game is also simply superb like Supercell. If you want to find only quality games on the Google Play Store then you need to target games developed only by “Top Developer” listed developers.

Here I’ll let you know how you can get Boom Beach for PC download and what exactly this game is all about. I’ll let you count exact reason behind its success and popularity and that’s also going to help you in knowing how you can play it well.

So this is kind of complete guide you were looking till now. Boom Beach game will work only on high-end or certain middle-end Android devices but in case if you don’t have a compatible device then not to lose heart since you can do its installation right on your computer for free.

It is possible to genuinely download and install Android apps and games on PC and I’ll let you know exactly the same, in starting itself.

Boom beach

Boom Beach for PC Download Tutorial

So let’s start with the tutorial itself. Just follow the source mentioned down here and there you’ll find complete guide to do the installation of this game. You’ll need BlueStacks software for which I had already published a detailed tutorial.

Learn more about how to install Boom Beach on PC via BlueStacks over here.

I hope you are following the source above. I had mentioned detailed step by step tutorial that will guide you through the BlueStacks installation along with installing Boom Beach on PC.

Boom Beach for PC Download

About Boom Beach game

As I already told you that it’s a genuine and official game which is unique and also very popular. It already got millions of downloads from all parts of the world and its review bag is getting filled up regularly with fresh reviews.

Let me tell you one important thing about this game. It is available for free to play initially but there are certain features which are paid. You can either pay for them or skip them to continue playing this game in the tough level.

The game houses a big environment inside which you need to explore around and believe me you’re not going to find it easy to play. There are lots of beaches and endless sea waiting for you. You need to find different beaches and then you don’t need to find a reason to start battle with them.

There are lots of hidden treasures with every beach which you need to target and also there are lots of weapons you got. You will also find lots of weapons while playing game and battling around. There are lots of bosses whom you need to face alternatively to increase your score and reputation as a fighter.

There are hundreds of small and large islands around the game, you need to attack them one by one and build your reputation inside. There are lots of special power-ups which you need to discover as well. Good luck!

I hope you get desired information about how to Download Boom Beach for PC | Android from Tutorial. You just have to try it once and feel the ‘blast’ on beach. Enjoy it, a very nice and amazing game. Also you can share your views here, with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.

Download Hay Day for PC Guide on Windows 7/8 Computer

Here I’m sharing a guide on how to Download Hay Day for PC Windows 7/8/XP developed by Top Developers.Farming games have been all time favorite of millions of people all around the world and when FarmVille started building up its huge user base on Facebook then everyone went crazy.

That FarmVille game isn’t that popular any more but if you’re looking for its alternative which is super awesome then Hay Day is the best one recommended from my side. If you’re not having a compatible Android or iOS device to play this game then here I’m showing you that.

The game is available for free under Family category of the Google play store and also on iTunes app store but it offers certain paid features which depends on user whether he wish to opt for them or continue playing game for free.

This guide is going to support both Windows 7 and 8 running computers or laptops and in case if you find any trouble at anywhere around the installation or playing game then do let me know so that I can sort it out for you.

Download Hay Day for PC

Download Hay Day for PC Guide

To achieve this Android game installed on your Windows computer you need to go through certain steps of process which is simple and I had already shared a complete guide describing almost everything for that.

To do installation of Hay Day on computer you need to first download and install BlueStacks (check out complete guide over here) and then using the same software you can download and install Hay Day or any other Android game easily on your computer.

So the process is simple and I believe you didn’t found any trouble during the process and also during playing this game. The software I recommended to check out above is genuine and trusted by millions of users.

Hay Day

About Hay Day Game

It’s a family game where you’re not going to find any abuse or any adult sort of content or battling around. So it’s completely fit to play for your kids and you as well. It’s very addictive due to awesome game playing experience and superb quality of graphics so make sure you’re having enough free time to play it out.

There are lots of farming related things. In fact, everything you’ll see within there is related to farming only and nothing else. You need to grow your crops, feed your animals and make full utilization of the farming land you’re having. So this one is awesome and you’re definitely going to find it worth overall.

The products you get out of the farming and animal feeding can be sold out at the city market. You can login with your Facebook profile to have your profile and you can then visit your friend’s farms as well. You can trade in and do lot of things.

I hope you get required information about how to Download Boom Beach for PC | Android from Tutorial. You just have to try it once and feel the Blast!!!.. on “Farm”. Enjoy it, a very nice and amazing game. Also you can share your views here, with the help of comment bar given at the end of this article on Break It App.